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About Us

Travel Products is experienced bag manufacturer and exporter with long history from the first generation with factory located in Hong Kong to second generation with factory moved to China. Over 2 decades of skill polishing and supplemented with well-equipped machinery, our Zhongshan Factory is fully qualified to develop full range of high quality customized OEM products from different business field which required our high devotion of technics and production knowledge. Our expertise lies in a wide range of products like travel bag, sport bag, backpack, laptop bags, tablet sleeves and those innovative bags combined with electronic concept.

We are, on the other side taking care of customer who is looking for promotional items with competitive price and delivery. This can be achieved by our office in Fujian and Shanghai. Our experienced project manager will handle all enquiries promptly and offers competitive prices with delivery schedule as requested.

Travel BagMoreover, working on ODM products is another landmark for us. Never Enough is one of our signature brands that honored the Best Travel Products of the Best of APLF Award 2012, and the Best Lifestyle Product Award 2014 by international buyer of the Fashion Access Fair held by APLF. IN-NO564 never enough bag IN-NO564 never enough bag

At the same year, our in house design foldable bag collection also succeeded in the finalist of the Smart Gifts Design Award.


Thank you so much of our clients support and appreciation of our in-house design.

We are taken care every concern of our customers. Apart from competitive price and quality assurance from us, customers can rely on us and rest assured after placing their order. Just sit back, waiting for products arrival. Let us worry about production, shipment and delivery; customers in return concentrate themselves in order taking.

We are ready to be your reliable bag manufacturer, let’s striving for the best………


Creativity Capacity
Creativity Capacity
Production Quality assurance
Production Quality assurance